Diss Stress

Diss Stress

We all get stressed. After all, we’re only human. Even I get stressed, and I’m sitting on a whole bunch of techniques designed to prevent that from happening. Life has its challenges, but there are always ways to reduce our stress levels.

I focus primarily on modifying nutrition and lifestyle. Food influences brain chemistry, thinking, energy levels and moods. It’s important to ensure the brain gets all of the nutrients it needs in the right amounts at the right times. Key strategies here involve balancing your blood sugar, a good B complex, and some fish oils.

I also suggest relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and even some guided imagery. This provides free, easy-to- access, powerful, time-tested therapeutic techniques to settle an anxious mind without drugging it.

Modifying lifestyle factors could involve counselling and exercise - especially cardio - to blow off steam. Remember, “fight” or “flight” are action verbs! I also love yoga, laughter, play, exploring cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, having a positive attitude, feeling gratitude, plus improving communication and study skills. With nine years of full-time post secondary education under my belt I had to learn many of these tools to get through my own school-related anxiety!

Plant-based medicines and even acupuncture can also effectively treat stress.  Speaking of which, good news! We’ve finally created a stress formula that I’m happy with. Harrington’s No. 8 is awaiting approval from Health Canada, and as soon as we get it, it will be available in our online shop.

So there you have it. Combine these techniques, and you’ll be on your way to living life with a little - or a lot - less stress.

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