Are Harrington's products government approved?

Absolutely. It’s very important for us to have Health Canada approved products. It involves a lot of rules and regulations, but it’s worth it for the safety of our customers.  

We are serious about making our products according to best practices. So all of our products have gone through the Health Canada Natural Product Licence Number process, and all of our available products are NPN approved. 


What, exactly, is a naturopath?
Is it different than a homeopath?

 A naturopath is like an MD in schooling and training, but with a more natural tool kit.

You cover all the biomedical sciences, pathology, diagnosis, lab studies, pharmacology, nutrition studies, and counselling techniques. You study the medicinal uses of over 300 plants, traditional Asian medicine, some physical therapies, and yes - homeopathy.

A homeopath, on the other hand, does not have to go to university, does not have to study science, and doesn’t study nutrition, herbal medicine, counselling, pathology, laboratory studies or physical therapies. Just homeopathy. And according to today’s understanding of pharmacology, the doses are too low to be effective, which is why homeopathy attracts skepticism.

We avoid this approach in our formulas, preferring to work with therapeutic doses of high quality natural extracts that fit with today's understanding of pharmacology and physiology. 


Is what you do based in science?

Absolutely. All of our ingredients are chosen based on careful research, combined with historical uses. We're not ashamed to admit it - we get excited when modern science backs up traditional wisdom.

As a naturopathic doctor Dr. Howard Owens has 9 years of university and grad school courses, from organic chemistry and biochemistry to nutritional biochemistry, physiology, histology, immunology, endocrinology, cell biology, anatomy, research methodologies, bioethics, pharmacology and pathology. Basically, he's got the ‘ologies’ covered. So although he may take a natural approach, everything is grounded in evidence based medicine.


Where do you source your ingredients?

We use a company based in Canada's east coast called Avive Naturals. They source and custom compound my formulas according to the rules and regulations laid out by Health Canada and the Natural Health Products Directorate.


Will the Reishi mushrooms in your athletic formula have any other *effects*?

If we had a top ten herbal medicine list, Reishi would be number one with a bullet. Reishi has beneficial anticancer effects, helps prevent strokes and heart disease, and manages cholesterol and blood sugar - so in one fell swoop it deals a significant blow to three of our culture’s top killers.

Unlike some other “magical” mushrooms, Reishi won’t have any psychotropic effects beyond mood stabilization. Which is good, because those magical effects are due to toxic compounds that harm the liver as opposed to healing the body the way Reishi does.


I'd buy your formulas but I hate swallowing pills. What can I do?

Good news. It doesn't have to be in a capsule to work. For those who have trouble swallowing capsules, we suggest twisting open the capsule and pouring the contents into a bit of yogurt, or apple sauce if dairy intolerant. It can also be mixed with water or juice. 


Are Harrington's products pesticide/herbicide/other-cides free?

Rest assured,all products are pesticide/herbicide, and other ‘cide’ free. After all, we are about putting the best ingredients into your body, not poisoning it.

Have another question? Ask Dr. Owens at drhowie@muskokand.com