Harrington's No. 3
For Cold & Fever

Harrington's No. 3 <BR> For Cold & Fever


 Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata - Herb top) - 20 : 1, QCE 2400 mg

120 mg

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha - Stem resin)

120 mg

Globulus (Eucalyptus globulus - Leaf)

120 mg

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis - Rhizome) - 5 : 1, QCE 600 mg

120 mg

Curcuminoids (Curcuma longa – Rhizome)

114 mg

*QCE stands for Quantity Crude Equivalent, which describes how much herb we started with in crude or bulk form, from which we extracted the medicine. We only put the medicine in our capsules. Many companies only use the crude herb, and not the extracts.




Adults: 2 capsules, once per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner. To help stop a cold dead in its tracks take No. 3 as soon as you feel a twinge of a sore throat, stuffy nose or sickness.


This product is the holy grail in killing off colds and such. I love it so much I posted it on LinkedIn - Todd, Toronto, ON

Advances in medicine have all but eliminated polio, smallpox, and rinderpest. So it seems a little odd that we still suffer through cold and fever season. Well, it’s time to fight back the all-natural way, with Harrington’s No. 3 for cold and fever.

A cliché: the best offence is a good defence. But it’s true, which is why No. 3 provides the uniquely powerful dose of scientifically enhanced ingredients required to shorten cold and fever lengths.

For best results, we recommend taking No. 3 right at the first sign of sickness.

Andrographis powder has been used by various Eastern medical traditions for centuries, to treat the common cold. Goldenseal, on the other hand, has been a major part of Native North American medicine for centuries, and was highly prized by the early Eclectic Physicians, medical doctors who studied and practiced with the pharmacology of plant medicines. Although bitter, it maintains the health of your mucus membranes. It also works quite a bit like a broad spectrum antibiotic. Goldenseal was such a popular natural antibiotic in North American apothecaries over the last couple of centuries that it nearly become extinct in the wild. However, we ensure that ours is sustainably harvested.

Turmeric is one of the most popular home remedies for cold and fever in India, one of the world’s biggest countries. The fact that almost 20% of the planet still uses turmeric as a remedy after centuries is testament to its effectiveness.

Eucalyptus, a powerful natural antimicrobial & disinfectant, is a staple ingredient of cough drops.

It’s a decongestant and expectorant that treats fever, clears mucus, and improves breathing for all kinds of respiratory problems like cold and fever, COPD, allergies and asthma

So does Eucalyptus work against cold and fever? Well, does Koala bear poop smell like cough drops? (Yes)

Myrrh gum powder can best be described as the penicillin of way-back-when. And yes - this is the same myrrh that the three wise men brought as gifts in the Bible. Prized like gold for its powerful and effective medicinal properties, myrrh was a common antiseptic treatment for battlefield wounds suffered by soldiers of ancient Greece, Persia, and the middle East.

It has proven efficacy against a wide range of bacterial, parasitic, fungal and even viral infections, and is also quite good at dealing with mucus and phlegm.

Together, these natural, antimicrobial ingredients are among the best natural medicines from around the world to create a strong offence/ defence against cold and fever. So strong, in fact, that the common cold might become uncommon.