Feeling Down in Lockdown? The Harrington Method's guide to wellness during unprecedented times.

Doing well during Covid.

The new normal has settled in. It’s hard to say when life will get back to the way it was but it’s safe to assume it won’t be for a while. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. With all the time we have at home with loved ones and fewer distractions it’s possible to come back from this period of enforced isolation mentally and physically stronger.  As optimists, that's what we'd like to focus on. Here are four suggestions on living well in the era of Covid.

No 1. Walk away.

We’ve all been glued to the news since March. While it’s important to know some general information about the progression of the virus and what the current government recommendations are, obsessing over the daily case counts is not only not helpful but often makes it difficult to maintain a positive outlook on the situation. Unfortunately, this crisis appears to be here to stay, for a while anyways. Sooner or later we have to get back to living in spite of it. So, get the information you need to stay safe from the news then turn it off and live your life. A little “news fast” can be great for your mental health.


No 2. Give yourself a breather.

Not watching the news may feel like a break but you’ll still be thinking about work, school, and whatever else you’ve got going on. It’s important to take some time to fully relax. International travel may be out but road trips are taking off. If that’s not your speed, jump at the chance to enjoy a staycation. Check into a hotel in your hometown or just take the day off at the house. You can occupy yourself by reading a book, doing a puzzle, organizing a drawer, cupboard or basement, doing a mini renovation, moving some furniture around, or creating new vignettes. Little breaks with solvable tasks can do wonders to improve your outlook and your space. Now that many people’s offices are in their bedrooms, maintaining a work-life balance may seem like a lost cause but it’s actually more important than ever. Cut the cord from time to time to avoid burnout in the long run. 


No 3. Worship your body.

By now, we should all have forgiven ourselves for packing on the quarantine 15. As gyms closed and treating yourself became a daily necessity, we all got used to a certain lifestyle. At some point however, what you do with your body and the things you put into it start to impact your mental health. Luckily, with online fitness classes, grocery delivery services, and plenty of community support flowing around, there’s never been a better time to build a healthier lifestyle. Eat fresh, exercise, cut back on the booze and tobacco and turn your quarantine into a revitalizing retreat. We recommend focusing on new healthy recipes at least a few times a week, getting back to trail running and trying daily online yoga to see major positive changes in your body and mind. You have the time now.

Healthy food

No 4. Reconnect.

Excuses are a thing of the past. No one’s too busy to hangout because no one’s as busy as they were before everything shut down. Minus the in-person events, this could be your social golden age. Reconnect with old friends, take the chance on a new community, or re-engage with your spirituality. Being distanced doesn’t necessarily mean being distant. Take the opportunity the incredible technologies we have access to have given us and connect with the world from the safety of your home. There are many good mindfulness apps and if you really want to explore technology for mental health check out the new MUSE Meditation headbands! Neurofeedback is now more accessible than ever.



No 5. Act natural.

The world in Covid can be tiring, stressful, and isolating. In this article, we’ve suggested some ways to combat the negativity of our current situation but we left out some items that might be of some assistance. If you’re having trouble sleeping because the news is swirling around in your brains, we recommend our No. 6 formula for insomnia. If “Zoom brain” is getting you down, our No. 2 formula for the brain can help you focus. No. 8 can help reduce your stress in this mess and No. 7 can help make sure your immune system is in fighting shape.

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Above all, take care of each other. This is a trying ordeal for all of us and in times of crisis, a little kindness goes a long way. We’re all in this together. 

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