Don’t suffer from Stocking Stuffer Syndrome.

Don’t suffer from Stocking Stuffer Syndrome.

It’s that time of year again. You head to the malls to shop for everyone on your list. Or you browse online, perusing through several websites, listicles, and blogs (not unlike this one) as you seek the trendiest gift ideas.

But, it’s also the time of year where you’re sick and tired of your loved one feeling sick and tired. That’s why we recommend gifting Harrington’s No. 3 for Cold and Fever. It’s the most perfectly obscure gift you could get.

If you’re shopping for a gift in a mall, you’ll be greeted by fellow shoppers, carolers, and trillions of germs. Yummy! That’s why we also suggest gifting yourself Harrington’s No. 7 - it’s made to boost your festive immune system.



So forget forgetting their shirt size or their subtle hints of wanting a smart watch. This holiday season, surprise your spouse/sibling/friend with The Harrington Method. Eight different natural remedies – because nothing says I love you like giving a healthy dose of health.

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