Why high doses yield real results.

Why high doses yield real results.

Have you ever heard of Posology? If not, get ready to start hearing about it an awful lot. Essentially,  it is the study of how medicines are dosed, and it varies from person to person. It is my belief that when it comes to natural remedies, the most efficacious dose is always best. Certainly, this sounds like a no-brainer. But many natural supplements are full of fillers that dilute their effectiveness. This is why Harrington’s has formulated highly concentrated doses (let’s give a big round of applause to science for making this possible) that work faster and more effectively than your average natural formulas.

When I look at some popular products, I’ll see that that they use lots of ingredients - but they don’t give the individual amounts. Are they bulk herbs? Extracts? It’s impossible to say.

At Harrington’s, the dose is king. We only have about 600 mg available per capsule, so I don’t want to go higher than 4 ingredients. This way, you get a proper therapeutic dose that allows each ingredient to really work for you.

A further benefit of dealing with all-natural ingredients is that the daily dose can change according to the needs of the patient. Once you’ve started to truly understand your body and its needs, you can alter your daily doses accordingly. For example; Harrington’s formulas suggest taking between 1-3 per day, but once you’ve come to understand what your body needs, you might take 2 one day, and 5 the next.

Posology is intrinsically tied to how your body is feeling at any given moment. So the better you know your body, the more effective naturopathic medicine becomes.

Want to find out for yourself? Harrington’s currently carries 7 formulas. I bet one of them could apply to your life…Click here to browse our line of naturopathic formulas.

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